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Last Update February 24 2005

SUGIURA Junkichi, Ph.D Social Psychologist
Aichi University of Ecucation Associate Professor

By the program of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan, I am staying at the Ruhr-University Bochum in Germany from December 15, 2004 to September 30, 2005. A formal theme is as follows. "International research to promote the reform of teacher education in the domain of environmental education"

Personal memorandum of research interests, etc.

Key Words: environmental education, green consumerism, persuasive communication, commitment, gaming & simulation, citizen's participation, consensus building

Introduction of my interest in this stay: meeting with Prof. C.Midden in TU/e (February 4 2005)

Collecting information about environment education(E.E.) in European countries
Exploring unique programs of E.E. in Netherlands as well as Germany
Especially educational program using gaming & simulation
How to develop and share the knowledge about environment concerning social/individual benefit/cost that each person has beforehand in the context of E.E.

A list of questions to ask environmental teachers (January 25 2005)

1. Many Japanese recognize Germans to often practice action (for example, buying ecological goods, use of a public transportation facility, etc.) which considered environment. 1) Do you think so? 2) Then, why are you practicing it well?

2. Compared with Japan, ecological goods, a public traffic system, etc. are developed in Germany. 1) Why did such a system progress? 2) Do you think this that there are relations in consciousness that German tries to keep an environment? 3) Or are there any other reasons?

3. How much do you think even German has the person who doesn't carry out behavior in consideration of the environment? What kind of people are those? Moreover, why are there any people who do not perform? Why can't they perform?

4. Do you ask the people to carry out behavior in consideration of the environment strongly? And, what kind of motive is that from?

(Next, it is a question from my friend who is doing green consumer activity in Japan. )
5. What are people of Germany which is the birthplace of synthetic detergent mainly using as detergent?
Do you want to ask German people to use what kind of detergent? Why?

Introduction of my reserach interest in a meeting with Prof. C. Midden in NU (January 31 2004)

Citizen's motivation to persuade environment-conscious behavior
Who and how to persuade others to diffuse the environment-conscious behavior?
How to change attitudes toward "environment" after implementing the environment conscious behavior?